Perhaps people are born into this world with some kind of role to perform.
I feel that maybe this time I was born in order to create works.

Ever since my childhood, I always thought deep in my heart that I wanted to know what was real.
And the answer to that was not something that was right before my eyes.

People can glean a lot of information through the sense of sight.
But I believe that they depend upon it too much.
For example, althought you cannot express a person’s heart or feelings through numbers,
the “thoughts” of someone who cannot see certainly exist.
Also, science sees existence of things as absolute,
but it has not been able to give us any evidence concerning why people are born and why they die.
When we want to know the truth about something, do we focus on the surface?

But when you focus on the heart where the eye cannot see,
I feel that I can come to see what I have been wanting to know.
That happens very naturally.
You just quietly, and in a transparent situation, gaze straight ahead, and wait for that moment to come.
I am in the process of moving to a place from where I can see things invisible.

What is necessary in the production of my works is to polish and make clear my own senses.
Through my own senses, I converse with my works for a long time,
asking if there really are no lies and no untruths.
From morning till nightfall, I pass my days face-to-face with my works.
A person’s awareness changes with the day.
If the surface has a left and right and the works gives an impression of good or bad, then it is probably trivial and boring.
If my body trembles with emotion, my hands sweat, and my heart will not stop thumping when I am producing,
then no matter how much times passes, that emotion never changes.

As long as people live, there are probably as many ways of thinking as there are people.
That is why, if I make only works of that sort, they might never express anything to other people,
and it would be no more than self-satisfaction. Therefore,
I would like to produce works by focusing upon the unconscious things
we share in common that can resonate with other people.

Sep.2001 Makiko KOIE